Personal History:

Kathy started fencing by chance at UCSC in 1977. The sport captured her so completely that fencing classes took over her class schedule and her weekends. In 1985 she found herself back in San Francisco where she began her training at Halberstadt Fencers' Club. She has been an instructor/coach since 1988. She has taught in numerous schools in the Bay Area, including: The Hamlin School, San Francisco Day School, and Adda Clevenger. She has also been the Varsity Fencing Coach at Lowell High School ('90-'00), The Urban School ('00-present) and a longtime instructor with the SummerGATE program (since 1995). Kathy coaches students of all ages, but finds that her greatest enjoyment comes from introducing young people to what she considers the best sport in the world.

Competitive Experience:

Kathy was a competitive fencer until 1994, fencing all three weapons in local, national and international competition. She was National Champion in Women's Team Epee in 1988, and Division II Champion in Women's Saber in 1989 (earning one of the earliest B ratings in Women's Saber ever given in the US). She also was a member of the Olympic Sports Festival teams in 1989, 1990, and 1991. Kathy was in the top 24 of both the epee and foil point list in 1988 - 1991. She loved her time competing and traveled to as many events in as many weapons as time and money would allow!

USFCA Credentials:

Moniteur d'Armes, Prévôt de Fleuret

Currently teaches:

junior/youth foil program, private lessons

Goals for their students:

At the heart of Kathy's teaching is a deep understanding of the student-teacher relationship: the mutual respect and responsibility that is necessary for the process of true learning. She credits her first fencing master Charles Selberg for instilling in her a love of fencing that has proven never-ending; it lasts through all the frustrations, confusion and low points that come with learning this intense and multi-layered sport. Kathy strives to guide her students through the various emotional, physical, and mental highs and lows of fencing so that they are able to harness their own strength and talent to achieve their goals. Each student poses a unique set of skills and challenges, and Kathy is able to use what each individual brings to the game to enhance their success on the fencing piste.