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Personal History:

Sonya started fencing at Lowell High School when her friend invited her to join the fencing team. What started as a place to goof off, quickly became a passion, largely thanks to her amazing coach, Kathy Krusen. In the last 18 years, she has become a Jill of all trades in which she has taken on the role of competitor, coach, tournament organizer, referee, club administrator, and sundry of other occupational hazards. This unique experience has gifted her many amazing moments and lifelong friends. She strongly believes that fencing does not exclude anyone on the basis of their age, creed, gender, ethnic background, and socioeconomic status; only people can do that.
Leads the yoga class where the goal is to teach youth and adult fencers how to focus.

Competitive Experience:

USFCA Credentials:

Moniteur de Fleuret

Currently teaches:

junior/youth foil/epee program

Goals for their students:

Her passion is to instill in her students a love of fencing and her goal is to help her students use the lessons learned in competitive fencing in the real world.

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