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About Memberships

Halberstadt Fencers' Club offers a number of types of membership, which you can see described on the "Shop" tab on the bar across the top of the page. As the Club is organized as a 501c7 (Non-profit association) it is necessary for all participants to be a Club member at any one of the membership levels.  We also require all of our club members to be current members of the USFA (the governing organization for US Fencing) - this allows us to maintain group liability insurance. 


To sign up for the USFA membership type of your choice please follow this link.

All of our Annual Memberships are active for our fiscal year (September 1st to August 31st).  We work hard to keep our membership fees low, and we believe we offer the very best membership value of any of the Bay Area fencing clubs. Part of what allows us to accomplish this is having ownership of our facility, which was originally purchased in 1974 by a group of Hans' fencers who were tired of moving from leased space to leased space; the facility is now owned by the Halberstadt Fencing Foundation (a 501c3 tax exempt organization).  

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