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Announcing our new Head Sabre Coach
  Julien Ouedraogo

We are pleased to welcome our new Head Sabre Coach, Julien!

Julien earned his Maître d’Armes degree in all three weapons from the FIE (International Fencing Federation.)
Julien was certified by the FIE to teach and credential fencing coaches in all three weapons, and was the lead instructor for the FIE Fencing Master school. Julien is an FIE rated international referee in Sabre and Foil. Julien has a Bachelor's degree in sports management, and was Senegal National team coach in Sabre and Foil. Julien represented Burkina Faso in Men's Sabre at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. And in his personal life, he is married with 2 kids. 

Congrats to Maître Rob Handelman on receiving the 2022 Award of Merit!

"For career contributions to the Coaching and Teaching of Fencing"

Awarded by the United States Fencing Coaches Association


Introduction to Fencing Through Play

Sonya Li and Scott Cunningham, Foil fencing coaches at Halberstadt, are continuing the outdoor class for July, 'Introduction to Fencing Through Play'. Four Sundays, starting July 10th, at Jackson Playground (17th St & Arkansas St) from 10am - 11am. This class is for 4 - 6 year olds with a participating guardian and will focus on play, fun, and the basics without equipment.



Halberstadt is pleased to announce that Angie T. is the 2021 USA Fencing Y12 Women's Sabre National Champion!

Angie won the 2019 Y10 Women's Sabre National Championship also, making her Halberstadt's first youth two-time National Champion!

Angie also earned her D21 rating in the event.

Congratulations Angie!!

Youth Summer Camps
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